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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Tell them that it is for the greater good of the Animal Farm and the cows, sheep and horses will stretch their necks out willingly for the pigs.

Did you see the cover of Time magazine last week. "How to die" was the featured article. Why?
Because it suits the white shoe boys who want to cull the population down to 600 million ( that is Ted Turner's number. Bill Gates said as much also on TED. Are we all now going to be willing to have our sick parents die early? Will the white shoe boys do the same with their patents? I doubt it.

These same policy makers after Fukushima turned off the radiation meters on the US West Coast and throughout Canada. They "reconfigured" the level of radiation that is the limit for human exposure. They did this be fiat, not by science. And they will slam any scientist's career who bucks their decision.
Now, 100% of the tuna caught on the west coast has cesium in it. Soon, they will have to admit that Japan must be evacuated if Japanese culture is to survive. Japan has such a plan in the table, I am told.

Cognitive dissonance brings herd animals to the glue factory. You see, as e. e. Cummings well said,
How to hump a cows
Is not
To push and then to pull
But stick your finger
In the slot
and call it beautifool.

He also quipped, "if freedom is a breakfast food......"

It is easy to hunt herd animals.