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Re: Armor! Or not.

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I commend how you commented on this post yet also made it about yourself. I wonder about your business... the business of protecting people. In my everyday experience, people who live respecting others need no protection. As in, no one is pissed at them... Something like what you said in another thread, "that which has substance..."

This is of course excluding people assassinated for their unpopular (though power challenging) beliefs. Perhaps you only protect them. Do you have a set of standards as to who and what you will provide protection to?
I prefer to talk about my experience rather than assume my experience is some global truth. Mine is only one perspective.
Regarding who I protect? That has been an amazing learning curve. Early on, I was hired to manage executive protection at Sony, Gateway Computers, and finally Panasonic. I accept grey
areas as long as I recognize my inner prostitute.
But I have always preferred protecting battered women and others who cannot afford to have
decent protection. I left corporations in 2001, and opened my own firm. Now, I get to choose my
clients more freely. I try not to judge my own judgments too harshly. That is a function of ego.
Rather, I listen to my "inner knowing". When it says yes. I accept the client. I do not try to
rationalize the decision. It is a shamanic thing. Then, I commit 40-50% of my income to assist
poverty. I live on 20% of my income. That is about surrender, sacred activism and following the
hard sayings of Jesus.
My favorite clients? The Aids Foundation in San Francisco. Project Open Hands in san Francisco.
Kuni Ando (former President Worldwide) at Sony. He was a great fabric that held sony together during a tough transition. Princess Huda who introduced me to her father Al Skaikh. On His death bed. He was minister of Religious Affairs in Saudi Arabia. He took time to preach Islam to me. What a loving and humble man. He held together a factional religion that could tear his nation apart. There were many more I was blown away by, but I will not name them.

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