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Anthony Loeppert
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Things of substance do not fall. Pythagoras remains. Hypatia's discovery that the earth revolves around the sun could not be destroyed along with the library at Alexandria. So do the pyramids remain; the use of phurbas, red sticks and totems. The teachings of Teotihuacan; the ideal of true democracy and of the forum.

Things built upon lies, shallow thought, ineptitude, and manipulation fall. The nanny state will fall.
It seems then the things of substance that do not fall have no substance.

Don't get too attached to the earth or anything that is on it, because in about 4 billion years the sun will consume this planet when it goes nova... that is, if we don't get ripped from orbiting the sun when the andromeda galaxy collides with our milky way.

Pythagora(')s remains... as in, he's dead. The mathematical truth discovered which bears his name is still taught. However the truth existed before and after him.

Sort of like the classic question, if a tree falls and there is no one to hear it.... If there is no consciousness to appreciate a fundamental truth, does it (the truth) really matter? (YES! is my answer in case you're curious)

Humanity will run to it's conclusion as well on the continuum of life and progress. Maybe what comes after will have more success... or something else on another world.

In my humblest of opinions,
Life is the universe's way of getting to know itself and merely a natural consequence.