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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
I mean, here is a perfect example of inspiration. Here's a guy that is the wealthies man in Europe and gives it all away. He feels hindered by the professors at Cambridge so he leaves them so he can think more creatively.. He has no degree, but writes what is likely the most famous treatise in 20th century philosophy. Instead of teaching, he goes to war in WWI and returns highly decorated. And again, in WWII, he becomes a hospital porter. He had no PhD but folks called him God. They just had to give him one so Cambridge would feel good about allowing him to lecture.

And, he was a friend of Rilke.

Would this forum have recognized him if he were a contributor???????????

I have given my life to meeting folks like this. And I have met them. And i look forward to meeting the next one. Is it you??????? Or you????? Or you???

bewildered and joyful.

He was amazing, wasn't he?

Such a major influence on language, science, philosophy.

And to think that he wrote the tractatus in the trenches in between attacks.

He must have had a strong spirit.