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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Depending on the nature of the forum, I would be one of the people who thinks a 6 year old should be able to do so. I don't believe in censoring anyone, no matter how ignorant. The best we can do in a forum like this is to offer a counterpoint that is, hopefully, reasonable and eloquent enough to stand on its own; which demonstrates the weaknesses of said 6 year old's understanding. If people cannot tell the difference, they should bear in mind the variety of opinions, conduct their own process of study, and learn enough so that they can.
You say not all opinions should be listened to. I fervently disagree except where the rules established by those who own the forum would preclude it. Organizations get to determine criteria for who gets to be an authority, public spaces not so much. If Jun ever decides to impose his will in this regard that is his right, not yours. Hence, within the context of this "space," which is the one we're talking about, I think we all get to voice our opinions (even relatively ignorant fools like me...and I do fit that description) until deemed too uncivil by the measure of the moderator.
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Well put. I think we all know about children with certain talents that where as good as or even better as grown ups. Just think about Mozart.
As far as opinions are concerned, it is a bit like books. I do not read every book that is available, I make my own choices out of what I can find. And some books I like, some books I really love, but there are always books that I have no knowledge of, or worse, that I do not like. The last ones I will most likely not read. And I have seen a lot of books filled with nonsense. But even though I do not like these books, I will fight for the right to get them printed.
It is the same with opinions. I do not feel like reading everything on this forum, there is a lot of quantity on AikiWeb, less quality. Besides that there is not alway enough time. So I make choices. But whether I know of someones opinion, or whether it is new to me, whether it is strange or funny, whether I agree with it or not, I find it of vital importance that everyone has the same right to express himself.
Untill it becomes too uncivil - I could not agree more.