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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
Most interesting. : )
I use a series of tools to teach critical distance against blunt and edged weapons.
Once graduated from thebasic tools, I move to the replica sword to see if the glitter causes them
to focus on the weapon rather than the gestalt and ranges. Then, to a real Katana or knife.
Reactive ranging naturally Increases until they begin trusting their instincts again.
Finally, a riding crop. It whips so fast, range must be completely instinctive. This prepares a person to fight on a dark wet night and not overly rely on vision. The crop's whipping sound gives you r ge for maii.

Party on

Very good. When you say instinctive I take it you mean spiritual. Spiritual ma-ai is something I never hear discussed.

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