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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Here's an interesting additive for you Chris. When someone is getting stuck with one person, especially when they are 'sure' they are being thwarted, I pick up a bokken saying if they are still there they get hit. Suddenly they can do it. This also happens with more attackers. The thing is it makes the handling of those others more insignificant and they find themselves handling them in order to avoid the 'greater' danger.

Ma-ai, or rather zanshin tends to suddenly become useful.

Most interesting. : )
I use a series of tools to teach critical distance against blunt and edged weapons.
Once graduated from thebasic tools, I move to the replica sword to see if the glitter causes them
to focus on the weapon rather than the gestalt and ranges. Then, to a real Katana or knife.
Reactive ranging naturally Increases until they begin trusting their instincts again.
Finally, a riding crop. It whips so fast, range must be completely instinctive. This prepares a person to fight on a dark wet night and not overly rely on vision. The crop's whipping sound gives you r ge for maii.

Party on


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