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Darin: Don't remember where I illuded to anything in asia??? Never been there myself, but I am sure as you state they have the same problems we have. My only point was that materialism can be a form of idol worship. Enlightment can be different things to different people, each must find his own peace and path. No religion has a corner on the market if Christanity explains it so clearly, then it would be very easy to follow, unfortunately it is a crooked and winding path. Each person must draw from their experiences in life to include their religious backgrounds (mine being Christianity and Buddhism). On a side note, just because you follow one path like buddhism, doesn't mean you have to renounce your experiences and beliefs in other things such as Christianity.

I think it makes sense that westerners growing up in a judeo-christian background to think that buddhism makes sense to them (something new and different for them to experience that would open new doors of knowledge) and that Easterners with buddhist/shinto backgrounds to think Christianity makes sense.

No one is more right than the other. Infact since basically renouncing my former christian belief structure, I have found myself in latter years learning more and more from the teachings of Jesus than I ever did when I didn't "think for myself" (as Bruce so eloquently put it in another thread!)

Mike Lee: Good post, agree whole heartidly.

Oh yea, Darin: I used to worshop the very Ground Billy Idol walked on!

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