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Re: Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan 8 dan in Duisburg Germany 7/14-7/15/2012

This is going to be sooo interesting. Yes.. I was a bit put of by the long distance bokken techniques in the video, but this type of hyper sensibility between Uke and Nage can be the result from training very intensely for many years. No doubt the man has very soft but extremely well timed and powerful technique.

One thing that made me decide to go is this review by a person who should be well known to all the users of this forum:

Also I've been watching some videos of some of Takeda senseis students. Lia Suzuki for one. It's easy to see the influence of his technique, but she is also showing much more basic bodywork and footwork quite similar to what I know from our own line of Aikido. I just think what Takeda Sensei is putting on display is the level he and his 'study group' (literal translation of the name of his organization if I understand it right) has reached. It is beyond basic technique but I believe it is routed in sound and sincere practice for many many years.

So.. I expect a great seminar with emphasis on being soft and moving your body not to mention using atemi with a minimum of power and maximum of impact.... however.. if he starts us out on meditation exercises for levitation and invisibility then I might consider going out for a beer instead.

If what he is doing has any thing to do with Yamaguchi senseis aikido, then I will be more than happy. As example see this:


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