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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

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i don't think so. you can do 10,000 times of wrong things. what you will be good at is doing wrong things very well. there are lots of thing to consider in randori and you need to structure your training for it. first, consider the attackers. most attackers don't know how to attack in group. so you need to teach folks, ukes, how to synchronize their attacks so they can come at different angles and different levels, at the same time or close to it, so they don't let up the pressure on the nage. they need to learn strategies on how to corner nage. on the nage side, you need to understand spacing and timing in a group dynamics, which is quite a bit different than one on one. there are things you should do and shouldn't do. there are tactics and strategies to employ. folks tend to not know what they don't know until they got dog piled.
Well sure but on the other hand Randori is basically chaos training. The more "how to" there is the further you are away from the real purpose.

You are right of course - you need to start somewhere (rules, definitions and tactics) but then very quickly you need to start stripping those things away.

My point was not so much that you don't need to know the necessaries but to get better you need to get past that and just do lots of randori.

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