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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

Has anyone trained Randori with "exotic" weapons?
One of the great gifts of Aikido is multiple attacker Randori.
In Kenpo we also trained the "mass attack" regularly and it was the final gift to a student who was testing for a belt promotion.

But maii changes when knives are being thrown and chain-type weapons are presented rather than Katana and clubs. And strategies must change for the defender when these types of attacks include several people.

Once experiencing this, try adapting Randori to a disciplined v shaped Kali formation where the point man is throwing weapons and his flanks are feeding him more knives to throw. Or try Randori against a swat-style building entry formation, making your throws by gripping their long arms and pistols. Try using the first uke as a shield from lines of fire, as a ballistic mass being thrown into the next person who is pointing his front sight toward you.

The Creativity is endless once you break out of the anachronistic training of an ancient pattern of Budo.



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