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graham christian
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Here is another difference in my Aikido and I would say an age old difference pointed out by many an enlightened soul and always doubted but unfortunately twisted by those who miss the point.

In my Aikido we understand the principle of universal love and the spirit of loving protection for all things.

Therefor our sole aim is protecting the other person(s) Thus it's a game where everybody wins.

This also means there can be no enemy for that is a concept from win/lose, competition, right/wrong.etc.

Selfishness is the reason for not understanding this. All self defence forms and arts are selfish.

Based on the belief of protecting self thus justifying doing to others as they see fit. Thus they seek to be powerful, dominant, better than, etc. All ego.

Aikido is not selfish, it is all embrasive, in fact in spiritual terms it is selfless.

Thus the true concept of universal love and peace and harmony can never be understood by such folk as long as they view from such a base viewpoint. From the seven deadly sins to the words of Buddha to Jesus et al. this has been the message which later has been grabbed and twisted later for service to selfish means once again and power and control. Same ol same ol.

True budo.