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Re: Randori...we don't do enough of it

I find this a commonality as well. Its a difficult exercise to squeeze into a short class period so I think it gets glossed over a lot. It can be tricky to find enough qualified uke who don't mind revving it up some. Also, only one person can be nage at a time...hence the extra time consumption. Still, its a great equalizer. Often I've witnessed shinsa where the testing candidate displays excellent technique with his parters in one on one situations (especially predetermined uke), but start to fall apart, or at the very least display a noticeable dichotomy in skill, when it comes to randori (usually, in tests I've seen...the candidate has known uke for all requirements but whomever gets there first is uke in randori...especially when your talking 5+ person randori). It definitely is one of those things that could be practiced more. I recently had a discussion about this with my teacher.

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