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Re: Teachings and Trajectories

Tom Verhoeven wrote: View Post
To get back to the start of your thread, Thibault was famous in his time. It was a time of war and fencing was not a sport. His method really worked and he had a large number of students. Despite this and despite the publication and world-wide spread of his book his teachings were lost over time. The paradigm shifted as well. While Thibault used a circle to engage any opponent, in modern fencing as a sport we prefer a line. Many of the things Thibault taught as essential to his method are no longer even allowed in modern fencing.
And in fact, the modern fencer does no longer even have the ability to understand Thibault's method, his knowledge has been lost, his name almost forgotten, his grave unknown.
(which by the way reminds me of some of the statements made by Dan Harden on other threads).

Reminds me of



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