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Chris Parkerson
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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.


Why would you say you are disappointed in me after I suggest having a new thread for Aikido taught as strategy (one of John Clodig's teachings) or as efficiency in daily work tasks (another of John's teachings)?
I suspect we were having two separate conversations with Graham.
I have doubted you two will find common ground using words and have said so on the other thread.
And under a thread that talks about Spiritual Aikido, I do not think what I said was inappropriate.

We can talk off line if you prefer.

Kevin, thanks for your input. I love to train hard. What has been just as hard and fulfilling for me as an adult warrior has been to find ways to give space to the ADD child and others who might benefit from training. But that is my path. Other's have their own path.

With respect,


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