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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

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The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks.
Search YouTube for Coleman Barks. His channeling of Rumi knocks my socks off. A good friend of mine studied under Coleman in Athens, Ga. Instead of sufi Dirvish twirling, Coleman and Loring would drink and dance to Bluegrass music, Pylon and the B-52's.

As an aside, So many folks don't get it about these deeply spiritual beings. When Jesus, for instance, invited the tax collectors and "sinners" to his house for dinner, (Luke 15:2), that wasn't a formal dinner party. It was a festive party atmosphere where people reclined and drank wine (Luke 7:34; Matthew 11:9).

Smiling Deeply,

Actually, I don't think I ever read it like that. Luke 14:12 I would have read as a form of Bhakti yoga. Or as a christian virtue to "do good" (in which case it still could be seen as a form of repayment in the form of gratitude).
But I don't think I realized that he invited the tax collectors and sinners in his house and reading it as a festive party gives it a different meaning.
I am reminded of the organisation that my Aikido sensei is involved in, organizing shared meals with orphaned children to give them joy and if I remember correctly, opposing groups in third world countries. The meals are joyous events for everyone involved, and the idea is that people who share a festive meal together no longer long to fight each other.
He got this from O Sensei who pointed out that Aikido should bring people together and bring joy and happiness to everyone.

Thank you for your wisdom and for making me pick up my bible again.