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Re: Why people don't like Aikikai?

J�rgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Sorry if my lack of English skills makes my point come across in the wrong way - but please don't reduce the line of thought in my statements to nothing by joking about it. I had a point - it dosen't go away due to a slick remark.

Regarding getting something out of the Aikikai... well.. as far as I see it there is plenty to be gained if you ask for it. So it is not a business that needs to pamper their customers. It is an organisation. Getting something from it requires participating and putting something in.
For example? What kinds of things are to be gained?

An organization needs to provide some benefits to its members, or it ceases to become relevant to them, the same as a business.

This is not a problem for me, personally, but I think that it is a big potential problem for the Aikikai - if they want to continue to be relevant.

J�rgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
Had it not been for the Aikikai dispatching senseis to other places in the world in the first place... how much would Aikido have spread today?

Great day to you all
That's true (although I have a few quibbles) - but I could say the same about the Catholic Church, does that mean everybody forever after ought to be Catholic?

Time moves on...

Note that - I'm not anti Aikikai, in fact, I support the idea of a general umbrella organization like the Aikikai. However, I think that realistically if the Aikikai wants to remain relevant for the next 50 years they have to make some serious changes to their model.



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