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Re: My Spiritual Aikido.

Here's an example of principle. As written above center does certain things, it has certain qualities.

The main principle I have said goes with center is acceptance.

This means when accepting you are centered, when not you are not centered, you have 'lost' your center.

Thus you can apply this principle to all things in all walks of life.

When you are accepting you are centered thus when something happens in life that makes you other than accepting, be it angry or whatever, then you are at that point not centered. Thus you can apply Aikido to life.

When you are not accepting then your mind and spirit are not unified and the result of your body is some form of tension and disharmony. When you are accepting then your mind is bright and clear, spirit is joyful and body is relaxed and energetic. Spirit, mind , body unified. Centered.

Peace. G.

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