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Re: Why people don't like Aikikai?

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I think the term "monopoly" does not fit to this situation.
As far as I understand, the aikikai plain and simpel is the school of the Ueshiba family. (So: not the aikikai itself is a family. Even if it feels like for many people.) It is clearly organized in the form of an iemoto structure. And the hombu in tokyo is - the hombu.

This to me does not seem as a matter of quality. (There are koryű where soke doesn't even practice and the hombu is not used for training.)
It does not compare to a sales-oriented company. Even if it seems so, this not the core of it.
It is not a family. It is lead by a certain family.

Seems you have never discussed this issue with him?
(If so you would be aware, that he is a very bad example for you critics.)

I don't see any obligation nor any motivation for the aikikai to take up a democratic structure or to discuss things.
And I don't see any necessity to be connected with the aikikai if democratic structures or discussions are important. You can practice, you can attend seminars of every teacher you want. There simply is no need to belong to an organization that does not fit to one's own interests?
Dear Carsten,
I do not know Tissier Senseis viewpoint of the Aikikai.I simply pointed out he has a large group of students affiliated to his organisation. No more no less. As far as being a critic I simply express my own viewpoint. You view the situation one way I an other. I do not call you a critic , I simply see you as having a different view from me.Cheers, Joe.
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