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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
Hi Lars,
As it happens Chiba Sensei [as did most everybody] considered Saito Sensei a great man.Have you read Chiba Senseis eulogy in relation to Saito Sensei passing on the net?The volumes relating to Saito Sensei [Takemusu aiki]did much to bring knowledge of Riai to early 70s Aikidoka.So in a nutshell I personally admire Saito Sensei and his legacy.However Saito Sensei , great as he may have been, does not imo have all the answers.There are a few innovators in Aikiken /Aikijo still active.I simply mentioned two other Shihan. No more no less. Cheers, Joe.
Hi Joe,
Yesterday I found a very informative chart at Aikido Journal. The chart lists a great number of direct students of O´sensei, all very important in their own right I believe, and I agree I should have found it earlier.
I feel Aikido is not solely a product of descriptive charts and lineages but also depends upon whether or not the tradition within each dojo is kept alive and kicking.
From my perspective tradition and innovation goes hand in hand.
All the best,

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