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Eric Roku (diesel) wrote:
So there is no such style as Tenshin Bugei Gakuen Aikido? (Tenshin for short..) That Take Sensei brought with him to the US and Matsuoka Sensei studied directly under him for years in Taos until family obligations required him to go back to japan?
What I said is that until Tenshin Dojo closed in 1997 we did not refer to ourselves, nor what we practiced as Tenshin Aikido. We were a member of the Aikikai, and our Dan certificates were all stamped by the Doshu. For what it is worth, Matsuoka Sensei, through Abe Sensei, is still affiliated with the Aikikai.

One last item - We have never stated that "family obligations" required Matsuoka Sensei to close the dojo and return to Japan. That is just hogwash listed on some else's site. The reason the dojo closed is obvious to anyone close enough to know. Those misstatements are made by those who were not there, and have something to gain by inferring that they were close enough to know.
Or are you just trying to say that he shouldn't worry about the lineage of his sensei and that he should take the word of his sensei as gold?
I would never say that. One should always know who their teacher's, teacher's teacher is. Lineage is everything. Especially when it involves Abe Sensei and Matsuoka Sensei. As far as his sensei is concerned, since he did not state who that person is, I have no comment.
It seems to me Ronny is just trying to get a history of Tenshin Aikido.. even though you say there is no such thing? Just a tenshin dojo? Is there such a thing as yoshinkan aikido? Or just a yoshinkan dojo.. if you mean it that way, I understand what your saying.
Obviously there is a Yoshinkan Aikido - it is an established off-shoot of mainline aikido. They offer there own certifications, as is there right.

Aikido Tenshin dojo is closed. On all levels, what was offered there "technically" is not available anymore. There are new students with direct affiliation with Steven Seagal, and they can call what they do whatever they would like. However, I would like to make it clear - Those people are not now, nor were ever connected with us. What they claim to teach is not what Matsuoka Sensei was or is offering, does not center around what we focused on in the late 80's and throughout the 90's and their students should be clearly told this, but are not.

The most important aspect of any training is the people. Matsuoka Sensei always said, "Aikido Tenshin Dojo is not a building, it is the pepole who meet, train together and dedicate themselves to following center."

If one goes to a place where none of the people there were senior students at our dojo, then one should understand that what you are practicing has little to do with anything that may have been found at Aikido Tenshin Dojo. Doshinokai, Matsuoka Sensei's current movement, is the evolution of years of sincere dedication by the entire senior student body. We are focused, centered, and growing due to Matsuoka Sensei's efforts and sincerity. We welcome anyone that cares to train with us - anytime.

I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.
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