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Re: Why people don't like Aikikai?

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
......Certainly any offspring [male ] has a instant promotion to the top spot.A bit like Prince Charles and Wills here in Blighty.Why could I have not been born to such high faluting parents??Cheers, Joe.
If by which you mean it's an hereditary lineage, that is the Japanese way. I think you will find though that waka sensei (Ueshiba Mitsuteru) has put a fair bit of time into aikido training and is fairly proficient at it, as is his father, and was his grandfather and great grandfather......

In answer to the original poster, I think some dislike for the Aikikai is probably a result of things that have gone on in the past, mostly politics, and maybe very valid to those concerned, but I think a lot of it also comes from misconception, lack of knowing the full story and "Chinese whispers" over the years.

I'm sure that the Aikikai don't lay claim to being a perfect organisation, equally I'm sure that the Japanese way of doing things doesn't always go down well with some of us westerners. Ultimately, we have a choice to live with it or do something else, and many have chosen to do so over the years.

For my own perspective, I actually quite like it and am happy to have a direct link to the Aikikai.

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