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Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
I'll probably have a furniture maker friend make one, but he's a bit on the slooooow sidddeeee ;-) on making things.
That's a good idea. Another thing you could do while you are waiting is to get a small, inexpensive table and cover it with a nice sheet or tablecloth and use that as a the base for a kamiza. At summer camp this year they had a large poster-size portrait of O Sensei in a small easel sitting on top of a long, low table covered in white cloth. I think they also put a vase of flowers and weapons rack on the table, or perhaps the weapons were on the floor in front of the table. If you don't have any extra tables lying around you could probably pick up something like a old coffee table at a yard sale or Goodwill store. It might be an inexpensive way to put together something that looks nice but that you could pack up easily if you end up relocating. Good luck!
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