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Re: Ueshiba's Golden Lights

Dan Richards wrote: View Post
The world is now full of more enlightened people than ever before. People who are on the cutting edge of creation. Enlightenment needn't be treated like a big deal any longer. It' s something that's quite attainable - even becoming common.

Ueshiba was no more special than someone like Greg Noll. And in fact, it could be argued that Noll was more original, more creative, and played with much more power than Ueshiba. Surfers don't bow to pictures of Noll. And surfers don't put Noll up on some high unattainable mountain. And there are many many surfers that have taken it further than Noll ever dreamed. And they've done that by looking inward, and looking forward.

What Ueshiba did - and more - is accessible to anyone.

He had his day...but he looks kind of old in the later day...was he still out riding those monsters at 60, 70 years old? Ueshiba was still doing his thing until 85, when he died.

So...we might say it's relative....

Noll still shapes boards, which has been his business for a long time, but I don't think he gets out (or got out) on those big waves in his older years.


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