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Re: Teachings and Trajectories

Chris Parkerson wrote: View Post
I do understand your position. What intrigues me is the latter part you mentioned.
Is there a specific idea of "Budo" and of "Spirituality" that is essential for teaching the "true meaning" and "experience" of Aikido?


All of this reminds me of a program I watched on TV some years back talking about cooking and food in New Orleans....... They were talking to the vared kinds of foods that could be found in the area, an amazing variety........ One of the family members of a restaurant that specialized in French-Creole based food opened a new restaurant across the river that was to be pure French in form and taste. They brought a chief from France and off they went. After a few years the chief when back to France on a visit.....few folks recognized his cooking.....Creole spices and other local adaptations had slide into his food.....even without trying.....

Nothing stays the same...even the ingredients change from location to location even with the same names. Maybe we give honor to the historical and check the effectiveness of the now......

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