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Re: Teachings and Trajectories

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
Using historical-critical methods like we do when trying to understand texts like the Pentateuch or of the early Christian church, we come to know that the given texts of aikidō describe certain ways of organizing and moving the body. Plus certain ways to interact with another body / other bodies by organizing and moving/using the body.

This bodywork does not change through history.
Worldview does. Psychological mindsets do. Words, teachings, beliefs, and even ways to feel and to perceive the world are contextual. The human body is not.

The real chalenge of the hermeneutics of aikidō is to get beyond an understanding of those texts that leads us to believe they would talk about abstract spiritual or philosophical issues instead of using the body in a certain way.

This is a challenge because it was the supposed mindset that made aikidō popular around the world. And not the particular way of organizing one's body and interacting with other bodies.
I do understand your position. What intrigues me is the latter part you mentioned.
Is there a specific idea of "Budo" and of "Spirituality" that is essential for teaching the "true meaning" and "experience" of Aikido?


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