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Chris Parkerson
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Teachings and Trajectories

From my study of social movements i have noticed a consistent challenge befalls those that begin in one region and end up with a global following, the original experience of a great teacher, orator, or activist is bound by history, language and regional mores.

Once the movement goes global, words, teachings and practices are incorporated into other cultural mores and gestalts. Once several generations pass, historical mindsets can become anachronistic or even irrelevant.

This certainly was the experience of many of the teachings of The Pentateuch (Old Testament) and the teachings of the early Christian church. This is why modern Theologians and Rabbis use the word "Trajectory". They say we must take the intent of the original words and put them into modern or specific social contexts.

My questions are two:

1) is this a valuable method for guiding the growth of Aikido?
2) if so....or if not; Why?


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