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Re: Nice instruction video: Morito Suganuma sensei

Russ Qureshi wrote: View Post
If you go to Fukuoka this is what you will see.....a very crowded dojo and Suganuma Sensei going around to teach everyone, being very patient, mostly working with kyu ranks, taking ukemi etc. He is definitely one of the most giving teachers (of Japanese lineage) that I've come across. Always makes sure there is time for Q&A during seminars. He travels the world to do seminars and is coming to Vancouver at the end of October this year to visit. Touching him is like grabbing iron through spongy flesh...I always find his positioning to be near perfect and it never any problem taking ukemi for him. He has great concern for uke's welfare so you can attack full on and know you're not going to get broken.
When I looked up his name I found that next month he will give a seminar in the Netherlands. Actually I was already considering going there, but I didn't know the teacher of that seminar. Just a couple of hours ago I found they are one and the same person.

Now I definitely want to go to that seminar!
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