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Re: Weapons in Aikido

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we certainly do practice throwing with weapons and defense against weapon grabs. We do both freestyle and set kata buki nage/tori. I also find these greatly aid in my spiritual forging training. And, it goes without saying, we do always practice proper technique with weapons...not just haphazardly smashing our sticks together. I know you didn't mean to imply that...but sometimes its good to clarify on these message boards.

A long time ago these techniques were based on Yagyu Shinkage Ryu and Muso Ryu Jodo, but I am sure any resemblance to the original techniques has long since been changed. We claim no direct lineage to those esteemed ryu ha. I could be off, but our curriculum breaks down as follows:
38 Kihon kumitachi
18 Oyo kumitachi
38 Kihom kumijo
4 Oyo Kumijo
4 Renzoku Kumijo (continuation drills basically)
10 kumitanto
9 Kumitachi jo (tachi shite)
5 Kumitachi jo (jo shite)
1 Kumitanto jo (tanto shite)
3 Kumitanto jo (jo shite)
4 Kumitachi tanto (all the rest just kata)
3 Tachi tandoku kata
5 Tanto tandoku kata
6 Jo tandoku kata (although one is more of a solo continuation exercise of six moves...the other five are traditional kata).
*these numbers quantify pairing sets that require multiple variations in the same set, ie left-side/right-side movements, or gyaku vs junte grips.

In addition, we have our aikikai influenced buki waza which should be more familiar. These come directly from Fumio Toyoda in the AAA....which, I'm sure, were influenced by Saito Sensei way back when:
2 jo kata
2 bokken kata
bokken suburi (shomen, yoko, tsuki)
jo nage/tori
tanto dori
bokken dori
we also are recently starting to implement bunkai from jo kata 1 in an official capacity.

Anyway, just found my old instructors handbook while cleaning and discovered the weapons movements are broken down in there. I am not sure if they include all the techniques from the aikibuki class that is taught, or if its just the techniques required for aikido students. Thanks again, and good messaging with you Lars San!
Thank you Adam San
If you ever come to Copenhagen Denmark, please donīt hesitate to contact me, Iīm sure we could have some interresting discussions about Aikido and weapons and have fun doing Aikido !
Onegaishimasu !

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