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Rachel Massey (rachmass) wrote:
Perhaps I am mixing up Kamiza and Tokonoma?
You are, in fact, looking for a kamiza. But a kamiza is not the same thing as a kamidana. A kamiza is "the residence of the ancestral spirit of a house; the head of the house sits nearest this place. It is often a slightly raised recess in a wall, sometimes containing a hanging scroll, armour, or other religious property." A kamidana is "a Japanese household altar where the deity is worshipped with offerings of food." The character for kami in kamiza is different from the one in kamidana. In the first case, it means "above," so kamiza rougly translates as "seat above others." In kamidana, which essentially means "god shelf," it is obviously the character for "god." A tokonoma is similar to a kamiza in that it is simply an alcove in which "you will find a vase which is certainly not showy and a hanging scroll."

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