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Re: Spiritual and i/p

David Soroko wrote: View Post
If it makes sense to close the thread down now, what would be the purpose of allowing it in the first place?
well I think at first it has/had some merit as it allowed people to discuss the spiritual aspects and their place in aikido. However, the conversation has gone from that to "we don't respect you cause you are smoking crack and have no qualifications". I think once we enter that realm or the realm of bullshido (which I like) that attempts to expose or discredit someone...well then we probably need to make that conclusion ourselves and simply walk away from the conversation.

Really, after you reach that conclusion in your own mind...what is the point?

I am on a Ranger Association website and frankly I am getting tired since all the old Rangers want to talk about is guys that are posers and "stolen valor" and why women shouldn't be allowed in Ranger School.

I am good with that to a certain extent, but once that comes your sole focus in life...I begin to question sanity.

I am all about talking about Valor, Budo, and excellence and doing good. you know, the positive things. Some negative is okay too.

But after a while, you gotta move on I think. Cut your losses and move on.

I mean really no one is going to steal my valor or dilute MY aikido, or affect me really in any way by doing whatever they do. I think the stupidity of their actions and ignorance eventually gets displayed and demonstrated over time.

Anyway, I think that we really need to reconsider our own perspectives and attachments if this is all we can focus on.