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Mike wrote:
Or maybe at the end of the day we can learn something new, become a little more open-minded, and be a little more tolerant.
Jason wrote:
Mike I do apologise. We can't all have your humility, piousness and unique insight. Your digs are getting a bit tiresome now.
I hope Mike won't be offended if I say that I also feel his posts occasionally come off a tad sanctimonious. On the other hand, often I think he has some important perspectives to offer. In this particular case, I'd say that I had both reactions simultaneously. It's true that Mike's post can be read as a sort of 'dig,' but that's not the only way you can choose to read it. Another way to read it is as a fairly straight and honest response to Jason saying, "if justification is on our side I feel we should act against a threat to our well being." When I read Jason's post, I really wanted to respond to that line, but I couldn't think of a way to do it gracefully. I'm not sure whether Mike succeeded in responding to the idea gracefully, but I see him as having given it an honest try.

Yours in Aiki
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