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There is a teacher who is at this moment a 5th Dan, (maybe 6th by now) who runs his own organization in spain. A friend and student of his has a dojo here in central london and has invited me down to meet and train when actually.
Now using a bit of Maths and logic I will give you the following data.
Said teacher was around in Henrys day and was taught by various teachers of whom Henry will no doubt know many.
Said teacher names his teachers from those days and thanks them all. From a British perspective it's probably quite an illustrious small list. He names them as Gregory Ford, Haydn Foster, Ken Williams, Kanatska San, Koichi Tohei, Wasil Kolesnikov, Ron James and Mike Muspratt.
Not as fellow practitioners but as Teachers.
No doubt some of these charachters were ones who Mike told us about but we had no significance or need or desire to remember such things as they were not our teacher.
Now this fellow was more to do with the welsh aikido set up I assume which would make sense and hence the summer school in wales with Tohei where he and Mike attended.
His name is Sensei Jones and he runs the Sho Shin Kan Dojo based in spain.
I have talked to him personally and he says Mike was a great teacher.
In the page titled: "Aikido Senseis who have contributed to the training of Sensei Jones. Marbella Dojo, Spain." (here: Mr. Gareth N. Jones has only this to say about Mike Muspratt:

Watford Dojo.
Your converted garage was a great place to practice and sleep. I've never drunk tequila since. Party on!!
According to Aikiweb records ( Gareth N. Jones is affiliated with Kai Shin Kai ( but the dojo is not listed on it's website.