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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Back to topic.
There is a spiritual approach which many will in the future and many in the past took. Tohei studied shin shin toitsu and it led him to his way. Way before the split. It led him to understand what Ueshiba was teaching number one.

Inoue was very spiritual in his approach and his way which he wouldn't call Aikido yet it was more Aikido than much of what followed by many.

The fact that these 'modern' folk can watch Inoue for example and laugh and joke and not understand what he is doing just shows me how much they don't know rather than how much they do.

The usual thing is to say it's not martial, ha, ha. Spiritual ways and blending ways are not martial or budo or bu even. To me that's the biggest joke around.

In it's purpose and even name Aikido means not much different to yoga and many have and will even describe it as a form of such in order to get a point across. The difference is the bu or budo aspect and that about sums it up.

Now many are used to the physical approach. Some are now getting used to the I/P approach but it seems to me not too keen on showing that via film. I wonder why? I think I know why.

Then there is the spiritual approach which not many on here by the looks of it seem to have much reality on.

Now here is the major difference for me. A person doing the physical approach can get very very good and can reach the highest Dan Ranking and can be an excellent Aikidoka. Admirable. To me that is admirable.

The same goes for if someone does the same complete with I/p knowledge. Admirable.

Nothing is admirable to the negative mind except destructive things. So they enjoy being negative and thus admire themselves. Very amusing.