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lars beyer
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Re: Weapons in Aikido

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Smashing two weapons together at full just plain useless.
It might be Aikido, but it has not one thing to do with weapons and contrary to what you has not one thing to do with dealing with a sharp weapon!
And again contrary to what you wrote...that mindset is more in line with kendo than weapons.
Hi Dan
I use the word `smashing your partners spine into the matt` comparing it to `smashing two pieces of wood together` for the purpose of explaining Adams point about rigorous practise, not to explain whats actually going on doing paired Aikiken and Aikijo practise- this would take forever to explain and is best enjoyed in the dojo. ( Im also in a continous learning process so whatever I write here I would have to rethink and explain differently in two years time so I like to stick with very basic ideas..

Keeping my kitchen knifes in perfect condition I know one thing- slice the carrot, not the finger.
Im sure you have very advanced skills when it comes to practising with a live blade and Im not talking about that really, I will leave that to people like yourself.
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