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Re: Dan Harden at Popkin-Brogna June 1-3

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What an amazing seminar!

Thanks so much to Dan and his crew for their amazing generosity and good humor. I met so many great folks and learned (umm, tried to learn, wrote down, aped) so much great stuff!

I had no doubts, after reading Dan's posts over the years and hearing first hand accounts, that he has skills to teach and I have a lot to learn, but of course, I always wonder "how good can this guy be?"-- Really bleeping good. I'm no superman, but I've been in martial arts most of my life and had my share of scrapes. I got to play a bit with Dan, and I gotta say, he handled me like a full grown man might gently roughhouse a pre-teen boy. Not violently, but with power that was so obvious and so solid (and potentially explosive) that I realized that this is a man worth learning from (in a huge way).

Most importantly, Dan's students felt solid and had genuine, identifiable soft power-- not meathead muscle-power. They were also consistent with their observations and help, with identifying ways to improve-- this consistency is a hallmark of good teaching and good martial methodology. That means there might even be hope for an old budo-nerd like me.

Moreover, everyone was so open, friendly, and funny, it really felt like I was training with my own dojo. I look forward to many more occasions to learn from all of them (as well as hoist a pint or two).

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to come and learn and play. I've got a ton of homework to wrack my brain and test my body.

Thanks again Dan (and crew) for being open and willing to teach. I had a blast, and it was super great to meet you. And special thanks to Joe and Howard for hosting!

See you guys soon,
It was great meeting yet another of TNBBC. What the hell is up with Neil....he has a 100% "great guys" membership???
Well... won't be jealous...I have a great women too.

Actually I am so glad you had fun and found some worth in what we do. Also that you saw the value in my crews ability to teach. I get a lot of letters and comments about big Tom's abilities as well-though we forgot to mention him. People tell me they couldn't do things..then Tom works with them and suddenly.... no problem!!
For me that is the acid test and not surprisingly you nailed it too...can their students do this or not??? I wouldn't cross the street to train with yet another talented teacher (whoopy!) who showboats and their students have nothing!! My goal is to make sure that does not happen anymore with this material. We cannot afford to take this (the heart of the arts) and muck it up like everything else we did.
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