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Re: to cross train or not to cross train?

David Santana wrote: View Post
what do you think I should do? or better yet, what would you do? should I stick to learning only aikido for my whole life or should I try learning other martial arts for awhile?
David, you are young and full of fire and vigor. go. go and do what you want and let your fire burns bright for awhile. i was kinda like that for awhile. when i first encountered aikido, i said it was not for me at the time, so i went off to learn to kick-ass and take names. years later i went back to aikido and have been here ever since. it's also help when my first aikido seminar was taught by Ikeda sensei. once i saw that i said "i want some of that, whatever that is". then i went to a seminar with Saotome sensei, and i said "i want some of that too!". i have been chasing "that" for awhile now. It's alot of fun so far. it's a great journey where you meet interesting folks and have your ass handed to you and keep wanting more.

a quote for you from one of my favorite movie "Ronin" - "Whenever there is any doubt, there is no doubt."

"budo is putting on cold, wet, sweat stained gi with a smile and a snarl" - your truly
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