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IMHO, if my only two choices are "idol worship" or "spiritual enlightenment", then I would have to go with the later. But, giving up the first does not necessarily assure the second. Nor, are they necesarily mutually exclusive. Many people reached "spiritual enlightenment" by following ("idol worship") of the Buddha. The problem also may be that most people simply engage in "idle worship".

Usually, IMHO, those who argue most against "idols" or following are those who want to be "idols" and have people follow them. Notice how one side of the arguement necessitates and keeps the other part alive. Its a reciprical dance of "more of the same" under the disguise of "now for something completely difference".

Thinking for myself means I can decide who to follow as an example or teacher and who not to.

I have no goal of "spiritual enlightenment", just to learn to accept what is, learn to let love in and out, and to have a good life.

And now, back to practice.

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