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Re: Morihei Ueshiba: Untranslatable Words

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Even though it is my own post this rang a bell for a further thought.
Why can't everyone do this stuff?
It's basic....yet shodan to can't do it.
The answer and the solution, should unite us in friendship, not divide us.
It may not be bad teaching. In the early eighties Tamura sensei did explain the things that he did. And he gave personal instruction, I practiced many times with him - Tamura sensei usually being uke. Could not move him either in the beginning (very frustrating!!!). I remember how he instructed about the scroll of the tiger, it was an eye-opener to me, but quite a number of people complained about these teachings; they felt that they did not get a proper training and these simplistic sums did not make any sense to them. They walked out - how can a teacher teach a student that walks out of the door? Next seminar they would be there again, doing their same old rough stuff.
Another problem was the growing number of participants. The teaching may not have been intrinsically bad, but how does one reach 300, 400 or even more students in one class?
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