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Re: assumptions and misconceptions

Mike Lee (mike lee) wrote:
Those that wish to discredit not only O'Sensei, along with an aikido shihan without reason are on very thin ice.
Thin ice with whom? You? If I was able to discredit them I would take the chance of being on thin ice with you. Sadly we lack evidence either way and the evidence and facts that you keep talking about to support your beliefs have yet to surface.

The thing that bothered me about your posts in this thread was their confrontational nature and the "Because I SAID SO!" form of reasoning.

You might think that you provided supporting evidence but you never did, all you ever had was exactly the same as anyone else here had - a story - but you took it upon yourself to self-righteously defended people that you have probably only ever read about.

The thing is that everyone here has the right to believe whatever they want, you have no right to get all agro and confrontational when someone doubts something you take for a fact. If people did have the right to act the same way you did, think how scary religious fundamentalism would be (not thats its not scary already)
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