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John Connolly
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Re: Dan Harden at Popkin-Brogna June 1-3

What an amazing seminar!

Thanks so much to Dan and his crew for their amazing generosity and good humor. I met so many great folks and learned (umm, tried to learn, wrote down, aped) so much great stuff!

I had no doubts, after reading Dan's posts over the years and hearing first hand accounts, that he has skills to teach and I have a lot to learn, but of course, I always wonder "how good can this guy be?"-- Really bleeping good. I'm no superman, but I've been in martial arts most of my life and had my share of scrapes. I got to play a bit with Dan, and I gotta say, he handled me like a full grown man might gently roughhouse a pre-teen boy. Not violently, but with power that was so obvious and so solid (and potentially explosive) that I realized that this is a man worth learning from (in a huge way).

Most importantly, Dan's students felt solid and had genuine, identifiable soft power-- not meathead muscle-power. They were also consistent with their observations and help, with identifying ways to improve-- this consistency is a hallmark of good teaching and good martial methodology. That means there might even be hope for an old budo-nerd like me.

Moreover, everyone was so open, friendly, and funny, it really felt like I was training with my own dojo. I look forward to many more occasions to learn from all of them (as well as hoist a pint or two).

I'm really glad I had the opportunity to come and learn and play. I've got a ton of homework to wrack my brain and test my body.

Thanks again Dan (and crew) for being open and willing to teach. I had a blast, and it was super great to meet you. And special thanks to Joe and Howard for hosting!

See you guys soon,

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