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to cross train or not to cross train?

I've been training in aikido since for about 5 years now and I fell in love with it since my first day of training. but I've been reading and feeling for myself that aikido requires very small amount of strength. since I'm still young (23 yo), I want to take advantage of it and spend some time learning other martial arts that requires physical fitness that can only be trained at young age, such as capoeira (so that I can have more knowledge and experience). of course I don't think that learning both at the same time would be a good idea because capoeira's style and objective is very different than aikido as I know it (I've a few classes of capoeira and read a bit of it).. so if I were to learn capoeira, I'll have to focus on it and take a leave from aikido. I'm not trying to mix all the martial arts and make my own style or something like that. I just want to learn as much as I can as long as I can...

what do you think I should do? or better yet, what would you do? should I stick to learning only aikido for my whole life or should I try learning other martial arts for awhile?

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