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Jason Tonks
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Well put Giancarlo. Not everybody is going to interpret a story in the same way. Freedom of speech and belief I think it's called. I personally can be quite opinionated but if I'm in the wrong like to think I can admit it. Isn't it funny how quickly things can flair up even over an internet posting between two people who don't know each other and live on opposite sides of the world! To think we practice the Art of Peace! The sad reality is that peace sometimes comes at a cost. The vast majority of the time a peaceful solution can be found through discussion and debate but sometimes this is not so. At such times, if justification is on our side I feel we should act against a threat to our well being. Getting back to Dan's story, at the end of the day everybody will draw their own conclusions. Once you make things public, people judge, whether you like it or not. It's human nature.

All the best

Jason T
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