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ken eckler (kendo52) wrote:
My original post (and intent) meant to read "engage in banter and rhetoric . . . about someone you obviously don't know a whole lot about."
I don't see this thread as being about Dan per se. It's about a story of which Dan happened to be the author of as well as the main character. Our comments have been limited to Dan's function in these two roles and have no bearing on him outside of this scope. IOW, we have limited our comments to only those subjects about which we have some information.
His original post and story is in response to Aikido Journals thread about Daito Ryu's effectiveness Vs. Aikido's. Did anyone put his post in the context of that thread when writing their reply?
Although Dan's story was originally posted in a different context, by allowing it to be reposted it here he was agreeing to an important change in context. Instead of being one reply among many in a long thread, Dan's story became the central focus of its own thread. It was also added to one of the permenant sections of this site as a stand-alone item. Dan surely consented to this change, and by doing so brought his story to a wider audience but also subjected it to a much greater degree of scrutiny. One of the first results of this change in context is that many posters early in this thread read too much into Dan's story, thinking to be far more meaningful than it actually was. Eventually, this led to others in the thread to question some of the assumptions upon which these early evaluations were based, leading finally to a quite detailed discussion about the true motivations for the actions of those involved. As I understand it, this thread was created precisely for that purpose.

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