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Kevin Leavitt wrote:
I tend to think that much of western societies problems lay not so much in what you term "idol worship" (following the teachings of Jesus, allah, buddha etc) Which I feel most practicing these various faiths are not into blatent idol worshop...

I feel the real problem the western world faces is the worship of material objects such as houses, cars, rolex watches, etc.

I think it would be a good thing if people really followed the teaching of these great masters.

The suffering that is caused by our wanting these material things is what disrupts the discord in harmony, and causes conflict, violence, and war.

Not condoning communism as a solution, nor am I advocating capitalism, each has it's various pluses and minuses. I am condoning the "middle road" called moderation!
Kevin,have you ever been to Asia? Asian world is just as crazy if not worse than western regarding material objects!!! Just because on TV you saw some poor guy in South East Asia plowing a rice field doesn't mean that the Asian world is not materialistic. If you study Asian history you will understand this. Religion or no relgion men will always be greedy, dishonest and selfish. Doesn't matter where they are from.

From my experiences in Asia, I think Eastern religions are not a belief or worship but rather a way of life based on ancient superstitions and customs. The point is to religiously do things without really understanding the reason for doing them. Kind of like Zen, Iaido, Shodo, tea ceremony,etc.

Japanese people have told me that Christianity seems much more practical and easier to understand. Bhuddism's goal is to achieve enlitenment. But what is enlitenment? How do you achieve that? In Christianity its already explained.

I could go on and on on but your probably bored now.
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