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Re: Spiritual and i/p

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Well, that's why I made the guy so extreme: not because I'm saying you're like that. I doubt you hate Islam or that you wear a pirate's hat.

But if a guy like that is telling people he learned it all from wouldn't speak up?

I hardly seems that you "hold your own counsel" about anything.

Why would you hold it about that?

But if it blackens your name and the name of your art, as well as aikido in can cause us all a lot of trouble.

But the "call" may not be from a friend. And it may not be a call...if he insults the wrong people in your name....Ask Salman Rushdie, for instance.

So I think it's vital to be very clear about someone who claims to represent you...or your art.

OK. But when some nut job in a pirate hat is giving out ranks in your name, don't say I didn't warn you!

I don't care what a guy like that says.

I do hold my counsel. I do not complain about others. I have never consulted Jun about any perceived or real insults, hurtful remarks, even slanderous ones, or even many I could perceive as racial. I hold my own counsel. It is actually ignorant and funny to me for the most part. Maybe that makes me odd or mad but not to me.

Friends tune in sometimes and even ask me 'why do you put up with it and find it funny?' My reply is always the same. I say it's like Aikido and that you can't go around in life being affected by such things. I actually use it as a lesson to them.

It can't blacken my name. I don't fall for such rubbish. I am not a name. Those who believe that is all important good for them. It can't actually blacken the name of the art or Aikido. Only gossips can't tell he's he nutter and prefer not to.

You know I actually do drills on this kind of thing in Aikido? In these drills the opponent is allowed to say anything, to insult you anyway, to find a way of taking your center, of putting you off, of leading your mind in order to then dump you splatt.

I say when you reach a point where it doesn't matter, where it really doesn't matter to you and you can keep calm and relaxed and centered and smile only then do you deserve to do anything and even then without malice. The lesson is be willing to calmly face anything no matter what without need for any action against for any reason whatsoever then and only then will you know what true action rather than re-action really is. Only then will you not be led by things and start being the master of your own life.

Salman Rushdie was the effect of his own actions be that right or even crazy.