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David Orange
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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
David, the truth is 99% of the time I would remain silent and find it funny. I have learned in life that the main, the single most important thing is hold your own counsel. I cannot stop nutters saying what nutters say and I'm not going to spend my life looking out and worrying about it. It's a waste of time and energy.
Well, that's why I made the guy so extreme: not because I'm saying you're like that. I doubt you hate Islam or that you wear a pirate's hat.

But if a guy like that is telling people he learned it all from wouldn't speak up?

I hardly seems that you "hold your own counsel" about anything.

Why would you hold it about that?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Truth always comes through and whoever does that kind of thing may have short term satisfaction but will become the bad effect of their own action.
But if it blackens your name and the name of your art, as well as aikido in can cause us all a lot of trouble.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
If it's stupid enough then I would no doubt get calls from friends asking me if I know him and so it just takes a simple no.
But the "call" may not be from a friend. And it may not be a call...if he insults the wrong people in your name....Ask Salman Rushdie, for instance.

So I think it's vital to be very clear about someone who claims to represent you...or your art.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
For me, who cares, I don't. I'll leave that to those who want to end up nervous wrecks.

The old saying 'He or She protests too much'.
OK. But when some nut job in a pirate hat is giving out ranks in your name, don't say I didn't warn you!


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