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Re: Spiritual and i/p

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
No David I wasn't aware of that particular statement or the context you gave it in. Being in bold letters it appeared you were 'shouting' it at me. My mistake.
Yes. It was Morihei Ueshiba. And Musashi was the same kind of thing. That's the fine edge of budo.

Having put it in all caps, I guess it did appear to be "shouting".

Of course, it was actually silent....we supply the sound tracks in our own mind. I guess it's no surprise you interpreted it as my shouting. It was intended to appear as if carved in stone....

Actually, it was intended more like Tezuka Sensei's "ORENJI! GAMBARE!"

Which, by the way, does not actually "mean" "FIGHT!"

It "means" GAMBARE! which seems to have no exact translation in English. "Don't give up!" is one interpretation. "FIGHT!" is one, "HANG IN THERE!" is another....Sensei just said "GAMBARE!"

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Are you aware I say the same thing in that respect? I have said as such in threads to do with fighting trying to show the difference between martial art and fighting. Ie: Enter, finish, (or lose, or die) that's real battle field, not rolling around putting on locks or holds or cage fighting. Big difference.
After Mohizuki Sensei showed me exactly what Ueshiba meant by "killed at a single blow," I realized that the willingness and formed intent to end the encounter permanently in the first move communicates directly to the attacker's subconscious mind, as I described in the encounter on my front porch.

With that inexplicable knowledge electrifying his spine, an attacker finds it difficult to move against you.

In that case, you can apply an arm lock or wrist lock and be effective, if he manages to attack. I've never had anyone do it.

On the other hand, make no mistake, I have been in a position to be attacked when it was literally too late to do anything. If the other guy had been serious, I would have been dead. So I always try to develop good will from people I meet. You never know who might "get evil thoughts" and decide to teach you a cruel lesson. Fortunately for me, the guy didn't have actual ill will. He did scare me seriously, though. I am aware of my own mortality. Only God keeps me alive.

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
On budo is love and his application thereafter, no it did not lose it's effectiveness but where we differ in view may be on wording or reality. I say it remained potentially deadly and that actually it became much more powerful and effective yet 'undeadly' ie: not harmful. A subtle difference which to me makes all the difference.
It makes an art that people can learn and become strong with IF they understand that it really is a hard, sharp and pointed blade. Too many people take the smug and self-assured attitude of "Surrounded by guys with sticks and you don't have a weapon? Just take one of theirs!"




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