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Re: Spiritual and i/p

David Orange wrote: View Post

Suppose some guy comes up doing some really crazy looking stuff, wearing a T-shirt that blasphemes Islam, for instance, wearing a Pirate hat, and tells everyone he's doing Zen Shin Kan Aikido.

And suppose further that he says he learned everything--even his blaspheming Islam--from Graham Christian?

Will you then say "It's all good"?

Would you really? Would you not even post somewhere that "This guy is NOT my student and I didn't teach him any of that?"

I can't believe you would allow that kind of insanity to parade as something you endorse. And if you don't speak against it, you tacitly endorse everything he says.

Would you really just remain silent?

David, the truth is 99% of the time I would remain silent and find it funny. I have learned in life that the main, the single most important thing is hold your own counsel. I cannot stop nutters saying what nutters say and I'm not going to spend my life looking out and worrying about it. It's a waste of time and energy.

Truth always comes through and whoever does that kind of thing may have short term satisfaction but will become the bad effect of their own action.

If it's stupid enough then I would no doubt get calls from friends asking me if I know him and so it just takes a simple no.

Famous people must get this sort of thing all the time but eventually realize they can't give out counter statements all the time, they'd have no time left.

Funny thing is only the paranoid or those with things to hide go to extortionate lengths to make sure no one ever says anything against them which isn't true (which in this day and age just means can't be proven) to protect their 'good name' Prime example: Tiger.......

Top footballers in this country do it too at great cost (called gagging orders) and low and behold it turns out it always turns out it's because they have secret affairs or dealings or corruptions to hide.

For me, who cares, I don't. I'll leave that to those who want to end up nervous wrecks.

The old saying 'He or She protests too much'.