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Freaky! Re: YouTube: Tomiki Aikido training system demo

Jason Casteel wrote: View Post
Nice vid Eddy, thanks.

question: in the second group that comes out and demos the paired exercises and techniques, any idea who the guy on the far right, facing the camera is? If you watch, he'll stand out as the one who consistently exhales and relaxes DOWN before each technique. Is he anyone of note in the system or just someone who ended up in the demo? I haven't seen the entire thing yet, but he stands out in his group and IMO has something the others lack.
Hi Jason, those who did the demo are from different groups within the JAA.
JAA is an umbrella organisation for different Tomiki Aikido groups in Japan (but also an International Section) which have all a different flavor. JAA has a standard syllabus, but each group can add their special "mark" on their aikido. During competitions you can notice the different approach to randori, but also kata.
Anyway I don't know the guy.
To see a different flavour :
The instructor belongs to the instructors department of JAA, but is not always following the standard syllabus.

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